2011 Submissions:

People Call Us Renegades by Bethany
Summary: Taylor isn't satisfied with his new life as a husband and a father. Something seems to be missing and holding him back from being the person he wants to be. With Isaac's help, he'll find a way to be comfortable in his own life again.
Rating: PG-13 (contains incest)
Challenge: Tike

Silent All These Years by Aeryn
Summary: When Taylor and Natalie meet just before a concert, it's more than just the beginning of something special. For all Taylor had ever wanted was to meet someone who only cared about who - and not what - he was, and Natalie just wanted to meet someone who could help find her voice. When all is said and done, they won't just get their hearts' desires - they'll get so much more.
Rating: PG-13 (possible eventual R)
Challenge: A Taylor/Natalie fic wherein the main character is mute

Big Fish in a Small Pond by Renee P.
Summary: Echo & her family had been traveling from the Atlantic coast down to the Gulf coast for a major change of scenery and to escape from the people after their family secret. When they stop at a gas station in rural Tulsa, Echo's family completely disappears leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere with no one but a curious stranger named Isaac.
Rating: PG (due to some adult situations)
Challenge: Isaac/OFC; Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Skyscraper by Mychaela
Summary: All my life, I felt like I was always in the way. Everything I touched seemed to break. Everyone I'd come near, would break down. I just had to get away. So I ran. I ran towards my own fate. Or that's until I saw HIM.
Rating: R
Challenge: Angst/Romance

Because It Plays My Favorite Song by Rebekah
Summary: After the death of his brother that he feels shouldn't have happened, Taylor has to cope with the feelings that he shouldn't have had and the relationship that never got to be.
Rating: R
Challenge: Character death; Hancest

Against the Sunrise by Diamond
Summary: When his little brother Zac falls into a coma with the terrifying threat of never waking up, Isaac Hanson feels like his own life is on the verge of ending as well. Battling inner demons and a depression so huge it just might swallow him whole, Isaac withdraws into himself and refuses to let anyone inside. Until Catherine Baker comes along. She takes him on a haunting journey to uncover the missing pieces of his brother's accident, and helps Isaac discover missing pieces of himself along the way.
Rating: R (eventually)
Challenge: Isaac-centric; Suspense/Thriller